What can you expect when buying a new home from Duca Homes? 

The experience of having your new home built should be a wonderful event. At Duca Homes it is out aim to deliver a superior finished product for you and your family. I want you to enjoy the development of your dream, every step of the way.

The process of construction a home is very complex, so I want you to understand the various stages that your home will go through. By understanding at what point in the progress your home is in, you will have a better idea of just how much has gone into the development of your home.

Stage 1 – Final Drawings Submitted for Permit 

I at Duca Homes will work with the client to finalize the house drawings so that a completed permit application package may be submitted to the proper municipalities. Permit is usually received four to six weeks after submission.

Stage 2 – Foundation 

At this stage, the footprint of your new home is excavated and levelled. Underground drainage and vapour barrier is put in place. A Pre-foundation pour inspection is completed. After the inspection is approved the foundation is poured and the foundation is back-filled.

Stage 3 – Framing and Roofing 

Framing is completed. This includes the walls, roof trusses and roofing installation. After the roof has been installed the installation of the weather protect and shingles will begin. Time required to complete this stage varies based on your home’s size and complexity.

Stage 4 – Windows and Doors 

The next stage of the nailing process is to enclose the house by installing the windows and doors.

Stage 5 – Exterior Bricking/Siding 

Upon completion of the framing stage your new home is ready to be bricked and sided. Using quality crafted clay brick and superior weather resistant siding the exterior of your home is finished with attention to detail and architectural quality.

Stage 6 – Rough In 

Mechanical and electrical roughs are also started after at approximately the same time as the Exterior Bricking/Siding stage. All wires are pulled throughout home, including cable outlets and telephone lines. Also completed during this stage is the installation of the mechanical duct work and running of the plumbing lines.

Stage 7 – Interior Walls 

Once the Framing and mechanical inspections are done and approved insulation and drywall are started. Proper insulation is critical in ensuring proper home cooling and heating. The drywall is installed, tapes and sanded in preparation for priming and painting.

Stage 8 – Ceramic and Hardwood Flooring 

Once the interior drywall is completed any hardwood and ceramic applicable to your house design will be installed.

Stage 9 – Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets and Counters 

The cabinets for the kitchen and bathrooms are installed.

Stage 10 – Trim Detailing 

During this stage interior painting and baseboard installation occurs. Interior door casings and doors are installed as was any moulding. Staircase railing and balusters are installed and stained.

Stage 11 – Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing Finishes 

The builder will install the heating and air conditioning and the vents. The electrician will return and install all light fixtures, wall outlets, switches and cover plates. Now that the cabinets are in, the plumber will return and install sinks, toilets and faucets. The plumber will also install water heater if it was not installed during rough plumbing.

Stage 12 – Carpet Installed 

Now that interior portion of the house is virtually complete your new home will be ready for carpet to be installed.

Stage 13 – Final Clean 

Each home is cleaned and detailed by the individuals familiar with the unique requirements of cleaning newly constructed homes.

Stage 14 – Quality Assurance Check 

Before Duca Homes can present your home to you, it must first pass our internal quality assurance inspection.

Stage 15 – Pre-Delivery Inspection 

Final inspection and water and power meter set. The home is now ready for you to see and explore. At Duca Homes it is our goal to build your home for you in a timely fashion. Although we endeavour to keep on a regimented timeline, on occasion, construction takes longer than projected. This could be for several reasons including inclement weather, vendor workloads, backlogs, materials or unique requests for your home.